Who is it for?
This co-ed camp is for children ages 7 to 16 years who are ready to learn or improve their surfing, boogie, and bodyboarding skills.

 (Teens will be placed together unless they register with their own pod or family.)

  • We help campers of all levels become stronger ocean athletes, from those who have never been on a board before to those who have been surfing for a few summers already.
  • For the passionate surfers, we encourage them to get as much practice as they are up for while working in groups of 2-3.
  • All kids will practice: paddling techniques, timing their take off, balancing on the board, turning on the wave, and general rules of ocean etiquette.


What to expect?
At the beginning of each week, campers will be placed in groups of four based on their water-skill level. Throughout the day, campers will be able to choose which activities to participate in based on their personal preference, weather, and water conditions. Our goal is to get everyone, even hesitant newbies, surfing one-on-one with a surf instructor at least once a session and ideally as much as they feel comfortable. 


Why choose Aqua Adventures?
Our San Diego Surf Camps and Del Mar Surf Camps are highly regarded among locals and tourists alike. Our goal is to make it fun for your child to learn about surfing and become stronger in the ocean in a non-competitive environment. Our campers are in small groups with one trained, caring coach to four campers.

AUGUST 9-13 2021

  • Reservations made AFTER Sunday at noon the day BEFORE the camp's starting date cannot be guaranteed.