Who is it for?

This co-ed camp is for children ages 6 to 9 years who aren’t quite ready for surfing but still love being near the water and in the shallows, and want to become ocean stronger ready.

  • Support in becoming stronger ocean athletes.
  • Learn the basics of ocean safety awareness and etiquette.
  • Daily Marine exploration lessons
  • Build confidence with a boogie board.
  • Engage in introductory to surfing-by the end of the week, they will have the opportunity to try surfing if they are ready. (Surfing is 1-on-1)


What to expect?

Kids will learn, in an engaging and fun way, all about the ocean in order to play and stay safe: tides, waves, currents, marine creatures and marine life, the importance of sun protection and beach/water good manners. Through non-competitive games and activities they will strengthen their basic athletic an