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What to bring to camp - must haves

√ swimsuit
√ towel (large enough to hold all personal items)
√ wetsuit
√ boogie board
√ face mask (clean and fresh mask each day)
√ flip-flops or water shoes
√ hat or visor
√ sweatshirt
√ water
√ snack

√ sunscreen

What to bring to camp - optional supplies

√ goggles
√ rash-guard (we provide a rash-guard that goes over the wetsuit for camp identification)
√ sunglasses
√ Fins for advanced boogie boarding/body surfing

Please place your last name on all items!

What about safety issues at camp?

Our Aqua-Adventures coaches take safety very seriously. One component of our camps and lessons is to stress and teach how to avoid accidents in and out of the water. Knowing about riptides, sea life, and awareness of your surroundings are ways to avoid mishaps. Our instructors are experienced swimmers and surfers. At our 15th Street location, we are just a few yards away from the main Lifeguard Station in case there are any safety challenges. Lifeguards are always available for help in an emergency.

How are the county COVID guidelines observed?

Our ratios have been dropped drastically to always ensure lower numbers. Participants are greeted by mask-wearing staff and social distancing is maintained during all lessons. Participants' temperatures are checked upon arrival, same thing goes for the staff. We always have hand sanitizer to use regularly to ensure that anything that is touched and shared is safe and as clean as possible.

Safety Facts:

1. Each instructor has a team of four campers that becomes their own "family.” (4:1 ratio)

2. Counselors are with campers at all times.

3. Surfing is one-on-one for all beginning surfers.

4. All surfing is taught on safe, soft foam boards.

5. Campers are in front of the lifeguard tower while in the water.

6. Campers are in shallow water at all times.

7. Our staff is CPR/First Aid Certified.

8. An adult supervisor is on staff at all times.

9. Sunscreen is applied at snack and lunchtime.

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