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The Dos & Don’ts of Buying Your First Surfboard

Buying your first surfboard is a HUGE deal! If you’re planning to become a longtime surfer, you’ll likely remember this board forever. But if you’ve never owned a board you might not know where to start! Here’s a few things to consider when purchasing your very first surfboard.

First, start with a foam board. We know that a foam board doesn’t SOUND cool but you’d be surprised how many people (even pros) have at least one foamie. Foam boards are the ones that we use at camp for most of our students! They’re easy to use, long enough for most adults, and fairly inexpensive. They’re great for any age and especially great learning to surf. You don’t have to worry as much about getting injured because the board is soft. The board is also very buoyant which helps in paddling and catching waves.

Check out this image of a surfer on the exact foam boards that we use and recommend:

Don’t know where to buy one for yourself? Don’t worry we know a place…

Let’s talk about size now. There are so many different sized boards so how do you know where to start? A good rule is adults should use a 8′ soft board and children under 5′ should use a 6′ board (they can use the longer one but will need help to manoeuvre the board). 

One thing to avoid when learning to surf is a short board. Short boards are thinner, shorter (obviously), and more narrow than a long board or foamie. This makes it more difficult to stand up on. Learning to surf can be frustrating enough. Make it easier for yourself by avoiding shortboards. 

Don’t worry, some day you’ll be surfing like this guy:

Lastly, long boards! There are two main categories of “long” boards:

  • Funboards – 7’2” to 9′

  • Longboards – 9′ & Up

After you’re done with learning the basics and want to move on from a foam board, you’ll likely want to start looking for a hard board that’s a similar height. This will help your transition so you can eventually surf on a shortboard (if you want). 

Some people start out on a long hard board! If you know you’ll be surfing regularly and don’t want to end up with an overused, water logged board, this might be the way to go!

Either way, if you’re serious about surfing, you’ll want to end up purchasing a board like this some day!

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